Parliament passed new regulations for remote businesses

One of the most important provisions is the completion of notarial documents remotely, electronically. Thus, it will be possible to establish the identity and capacity of individuals, read notarial documents and establish consent without physical interaction between the parties and the notary. At the same time, the draft proposed a list of notarial documents that will not be able to be provided electronically and remotely.

Another provision of the draft is the obligation for some public service providers to ensure the availability of their web pages, information, data and applications published in English.

Interventions are also provided regarding the employment of foreign citizens, without the need to obtain the right of residence for the purpose of work and the residence permit for the purpose of work. Foreigners who will enter the work activity according to the proposed procedure will be exempted from the obligation of state social insurance contributions and medical insurance premiums for foreigners. Social and medical insurance in the given case is to be carried out in their state of residence, to avoid double taxation.

The legislation in the safety and health at work is adjusted in order to regulate the specifics of remote work. Thus, some rules related to safety and health at work would also be applicable to employees who work remotely, with the express specification of the fact that the manager of the entity is responsible for safety and health at work.

The draft law on the modification of some normative acts (distance business development in the Republic of Moldova) is elaborated by the Ministry of Economic Development and Digitalization, with the support of the Economic Council to the Prime Minister and USAID Moldova. The provisions on electronic notarial activity have been developed jointly with the Ministry of Justice and the Chamber of Notaries.

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