Currently,  the  Council  consists  of  56 associative structures of the business community  versus  47 state  institutions  are debated with the participation of 19 representatives of the research community  and  international  organizations, active in the area of regulatory reform.

The manner and principles for selecting members of the Economic Council

Representatives of the business environment, business associations:

  1. Rufa Mariana – European Business Association
  2. Groza Ana – Foreign Investors Association o
  3. Cibotaru Adrian – French-Moldovan Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  4. Dorin Nicolaie – Moldova Banks Association
  5. Linte Carolina – National Association of Milk Producers
  6. Șchiopu Olga – Association of Private Healthcare Providers
  7. Tofan Valentin – Institutions Association of Pharmaceuticals’ and Parapharmaceuticals’
  8. Gladei Angela – Association of Women – Entrepreneurs from Moldova
  9. Cerescu Leonid – National Confederation of Employers of Moldova
  10. Cosarciuc Valeriu – National Federation of Farmers in Moldova
  11. Chirița Ana – Association of IT Companies in RM
  12. Crapivca Igor – Businessmen’s Association “Timpul”
  13. Malairău Mila – American Chamber of Commerce in Moldova
  14. Can Alexandra – Light Industry Association
  15. Florea Vladimir – Employers’ Association of Transporters’ and Road Menders’ Union of RM
  16. Harea Sergiu – Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Moldova
  17. Zlatina Natalia – Association of Accountants and Professional Auditors of Moldova
  18. Maxim Ion – National Association of Bee Keepers from Moldova
  19. Koss Alexander – Moldovan Union of Sugar Producers
  20. Uzun Valentina – Economic Council under the Governor of ATU Gagauzia
  21. Borsci Iurie – Union of Legal Persons “Moldovan-German Economic Cooperation”
  22. Busuioc Liliana – Employers’ Association “Alliance of Small Foreign Businesses in Moldova”
  23. Polesello Franco – Moldovan-Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  24. Vieru Constantin – Moldova-Romania Bilateral Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  25. Zasavitchi Ana – National Association of Restaurants and Recreational Places in RM „MĂR”
  26. Sainciuc Sergiu – National Confederation of Trade Unions of Moldova
  27. Tomohin Timofei – Republican Production Concern „INMACOM”
  28. Cangea-Digolean Silvia – National Platform of Women of the R. Moldova
  29. Gherbovțan Elena – Employers Association of Importers of Medical Devices and Laboratory Equipment “DISMED”
  30. Valico Veaceslav – Economic Platform „SODRUJESTVO”
  31. Ciobanu Marin – Manufacturing Industry Employers’ Association
  32. Fală Iurie – Association of Producers and Exporters of Fruits “Moldova Fruit”
  33. Durlesteanu  Victor – Employers’ Association for Internal Trade “ProBiz”
  34. Țurcanu Natalia – National Inbound Tourism Association of Moldova
  35. Cazacu Maxim – Union of Legal Persons “Association of Pork Producers”
  36. Colța Ana – The National Association of Tourism Agencies in Moldova
  37. Grosu Vasile – International Chamber of Young Leaders and Entrepreneurs from RM
  38. Nuțiu Dan – The Romanian Investors Association in the Republic of Moldova
  39. Andronic Ludmila – Beer Makers Association of Moldova
  40. Golubniuc Ștefan – Canned Producers Association Speranța-Con
  41. Miron Vladislav – Gagauz Association of Businessmen NEXT
  42. Durleșteanu Vasile – Moldova-Chinese Chamber of Commerce (MCCC)
  43. Stratan Mihail – Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Czech Republic and RM
  44. Foca Boris – Chamber of Commerce and Industry Moldova-China (CCIMC)
  45. Manea Sergiu – Association of the Tourism Industry of the Republic of Moldova
  46. Nebunu Artur – The network of business incubators in Moldova
  47. Gurău Sergiu – Eco-Răzeni Public Association
  48. Iachim Lilia – ‘’MOTIVATION’’ Association from Moldova
  49. Drăgălin Valeriu – National Youth Council of Moldova
  50. Chicu Angela – Association of Business and Professional Women from Moldova
  51. Slifos Dumitru – Association of the blind people of the Republic of Moldova
  52. Buștiuc Mircea – Association of people with disabilities from the Republic of Moldova
  53. Bologan Sergiu – Society of deaf of the Republic of Moldova
  54. Revin Irina – Association of entrepreneurs with disabilities from Moldova “European Skills Without Limits”
  55. Meșter Vitalie – Legal Assistance Centre for Persons with Disabilities
  56. Clima Galina – Alliance of Organizations for Persons with Disabilities in the RM

Representatives of the research community:

  1. Belostecnic Grigore – The Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova
  2. Boaghi Viorica – National Agency for Research and Development
  3. Stratan Alexandru – National Institute of Economic Research
  4. Lariușin Tatiana – Institute for Development and Social Initiatives „Viitorul”
  5. Lupușor Adrian – Expert-Grup, Independent Think Tank
  6. Gribincea Vladislav – Centre for Legal Resources in Moldova
  7. Buzu Alexei – National Centre for Studies and information on Women’s Partnership for Development
  8. Șuleanschii Sofia – Centre for Entrepreneurial Education and Business Assistance

International organization:

  1. Sax Angela – European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)
  2. Cicanci Galina – International Finance Corporation (IFC)
  3. Burdelinîi Eugen  – Embassy of United Kingdom
  4. Paierele Oxana – Embassy of Sweden
  5. Thomas Foerch – Project for Counselling the Government in the economic reform (GIZ)
  6. Akhalkatsi Ana – World Bank
  7. Rusnac Corneliu – US Agency for International Development (USAID)
  8. Al-Khatib Dima  – United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
  9. Plămădeală Vasile – Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Moldova
  10. Arpintin Veronica – EBRD Assistance for Small Business
  11. Lipciu Ala – International Labor Organization

Representatives of public authorities and state institutions:

  1. Ministry of Infrastructure and Regional Development
  2. Ministry of Economy
  3. State Chancellery
  4. Ministry of Internal Affairs
  5. Ministry of Finance
  6. Ministry of Justice
  7. Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration
  8. Ministry of Defence
  9. Ministry of Education and Research
  10. Ministry of Culture
  11. Ministry of Health
  12. Ministry of Labour and Social Protection
  13. Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry
  14. Ministry of Environment
  15. Prime Minister’s Control Unit
  16. The Investment Agency
  17. e-Government Agency
  18. Public Services Agency
  19. Entrepreneurship Development Organisation
  20. Consumer protection and market surveillance Agency
  21. General State Fiscal Inspectorate
  22. Customs Service
  23. Public Procurement Agency
  24. The Migration and Asylum Bureau
  25. National Employment Agency (ANOFM)
  26. State Labor Inspectorate
  27. National Social Insurance House
  28. National Health Insurance Company
  29. Inspectorate of Environmental Protection
  30. State Agency on Intellectual Property
  31. National Agency for Food Safety
  32. National Agency for Auto Transport
  33. National Bureau of Statistics
  34. Governor of ATU Gagauzia
  35. Congress of Local Authorities from Moldova
  36. Agency for Technical Supervision
  37. National Public Health Agency
  38. National Centre for Personal Data Protection
  39. National Commission of the Financial Market
  40. Competition Council
  41. Agency for Regional Development- Center
  42. Agency for Regional Development- North
  43. Agency for Regional Development-South
  44. Agency for Regional Development UTA Găgăuzia
  45. National Institute of Standardization of Moldova
  46. National Agency for Research and Innovation
  47. Land Relations and Cadastre Agency

The Secretariat of the Economic Council to the Prime Minister is  supported  by  the  European  Bank  for  Reconstruction  and  Development, funded by the UK Government’s Good Governance Fund, and the World Bank Group project “Investment Climate Reform”, funded by the Swedish Government.


Secretariatul Consiliului Economic pe lângă Prim-ministru este sprijinit de Banca Europeană pentru Reconstrucție și Dezvoltare, cu susținerea financiară a Fondului Guvernului Marii Britanii pentru Buna Guvernare și de proiectul Corporației Internaționale Financiare Reforma climatului investițional, finanțat de Agenția de Dezvoltare Internațională a Guvernului Suediei.


Ion Lupan

head of secretariat

Roman Laduș

economic consultant

Diana Levcenco

economic consultant

Sveatoslav Cazac

legal consultant

Vitalie Tarlev

advisor to the digitization

Natalie Roshca

business regulation consultant

Viorica Antonov

gender expert

Steluța Andreeva

expert in strategic communication

Marina Cojocaru

communication expert

Tatiana Pascal

administrative assistant