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The so-called “luxury” tax for mobile operators will be reduced by 40%

30 December 2020 – Mobile operators have been paying the so-called “luxury” tax, or as it is officially called, the mobile phone tax since 2000. It was then set up to tax high-income people who could afford to buy a mobile phone, considered a luxury in those days. The subject was also discussed at the […]

VAT has been reduced from 15% to 12% for the HORECA sector

December 29, 2020 – Parliament reduced the value added tax for the HORECA sector from 15% to 12%. The implementation of this measure aims to support the sector in overcoming the effects of the crisis generated by the pandemic. Studies conducted by Moldovan business associations in 2020 have shown that one of the sectors most […]

Measures to stop brain drain from IT

December 29, 2020 – The Parliament extended by another 3 years the term of application of the fiscal facilities to the income tax provided for the employees whose basic activity is “realization of programs”. The deadline for applying these facilities expires in 2020. The business associations in the field addressed this topic during the elaboration […]

Employers will be able to deduct the expenses incurred for testing employees at COVID-19

28 December 2020 – From January 1, 2020, it is allowed to deduct the expenses incurred by the employer for testing employees in order to detect the presence of SARS-CoV-2 virus, and the payments are non-taxable sources of income for employees. In the summer of 2020, the Secretariat of the Economic Council prepared the Impact […]

The deadline for submitting the financial statement and the audit report to economic operators has been extended

27 December 2020 – Companies, other than those of public interest, will no longer have to present in a hurry – within 120 days from the last day of the management period, the financial situation and the audit report. Changes in this regard have been made by Parliament in the budgetary-fiscal policy for 2021. According to […]

The government’s entrepreneurial portal has been launched

December 8, 2020 – The governmental portal of the entrepreneur is available for all business people who have an electronic signature and can be accessed on Here are available two offices that can be accessed through authentication – the office of the individual, and the office of the entrepreneur, which includes five blocks of […]


Download COVID-19 Pandemic Impact Study on Economic Sectors and Policy Matrix The COVID matrix is elaborated within the Study of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the economic sectors. The study is conducted by the Economic Council jointly with the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure, with the support of the European Bank for Reconstruction […]


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Partnership for the development of the economy of the Republic of Moldova

December 3, 2020 – The Public Institution “Electronic Government Agency” (AGE) and the Secretariat of the Economic Council to the Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova (SCE) signed a Memorandum of Cooperation, which aims to contribute to the quality of dialogue between business and community representatives government decision makers in the Republic of Moldova. […]