Actions to reduce the regulatory burden for MSIs – set out in a roadmap

Download The Roadmap on Reducing Regulatory Burden for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises by 2022

12 May 2022 – The implementation of the actions in the Roadmap on Reducing Regulatory Burden for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises by 2022 is discussed by the Vice-Chair of the “Advisory Council for MSMEs” Liliana Busuioc, Executive Director of the Alliance of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises of Moldova and experts of the Economic Council Secretariat.

The document contains 7 major actions aimed at improving the business environment for small and medium-sized enterprises:
1. improving the regulatory framework in the area of state control over entrepreneurial activity;
2. revision of the system of business sanctions;
3. developing a highly simplified tax regime for micro-enterprises and simple businesses. Simplification of other tax requirements;
4. drafting the methodology for the Micro-Enterprise Test and the regulatory amendments necessary for its implementation and enforcement. Initiate the process of reviewing the existing regulatory framework through the lens of the Micro-enterprise Test;
5. review labour legislation with a view to simplifying requirements for micro-enterprises;
6. Extend the scope of the legislation on unskilled casual work by day labourers;
7. develop a methodology for identifying the uncompetitive nature of the market and identifying interventions to stimulate competition.

Actions were identified by the Economic Council Secretariat following discussions with the business community, donor institutions and state institutions. Some of the proposals in the Roadmap are to be included in the Action Plan of the National Programme for the Promotion of Entrepreneurship and Competitiveness.

The Roadmap is an operational document developed for a short period of time – up to one year, the purpose of the document is to ensure greater participation and ownership of authorities and other stakeholders in identifying and promoting immediate and short-term solutions to reduce the regulatory burden on small and medium-sized enterprises.

The document will be regularly monitored with the participation of all members of the Advisory Council of MSMEs and updated as necessary, depending on the results of the implementation or promotion of the measures and the emergence of new needs.

The Secretariat of the Economic Council to the Prime Minister is supported by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, funded by the UK Government’s Good Governance Fund, and the International Finance Corporation’s Investment Climate Reform Project funded by the Government of Sweden’s International Development Agency.


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